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Sphiros Update January 2022

Dear Sphiros user,

It’s been a while we provided an update. And no, we did not went partying in December 🙂 . There were quite a few things we tried to improve in the last 30 days. And here is a short recap of what has been happening lately:

First steps to visual data:

We understand the visual aspect is a crucial factor for many on the buy/sell or start-up side, and we made our first steps to data visualization starting with past deal history on VC firm profiles.

Sphiros Data

This will help us to establish a baseline for future data visualizations and makes Sphiros more attractive where go from a database to an actual platform.

We went with the idea of ‘we have to start somewhere’ and compiled a few ideas on paper to include different metrics such as:

  • Average deal size that is measured by the recorded past deal history data
  • Overview of industries a firm invested in so it’s easier to spot where their preferences are, since those can shift over quarters, years or decades.

Tags for search optimization and usability:

We started to add tags/keywords to every category (Companies, VC, PE, Angels, etc) that would enhance the user experience when searching for data. See it as keywords as we use Bing or Google. It gives us the ability to refine and define a profile much better without creating unneeded primary or secondary industries.

We learned that a lot of people are driven by impulse search.

For example:

WordPress is never classified as an industry but might be helpful to narrow down publishing companies that use this type of tech stack. So we add the tag #WordPress

Because of our implementation of tags, we can build a much better search function and filter in the short-term future with deep search functions and suggestions when users are seeking on impulse. (this is currently in the making)

Layout update with Sidebar

Based on feedback received and future development, we added a sidebar to make it easier to navigate. Just because we start to grow and aim to add CRM functions this year, it made more sense to implement a sidebar that’s visible.

Currently added (with basic info)

  • 32910 companies
  • 4528 VC firms
  • 1220 PE Funds
  • 11042 Angel investors
  • 873 Accelerators/Incubators

After some growing pains, we found a better workflow with the team and are now able to add more data on a slightly faster pace than before.

Seeing it grow gives us an absolute drive to make better and bigger than the day before.

All that said, we go from the angle to add first basic data which then gets optimized by our team that goes over data in blocks.

At this moment a lot of data is still missing, including tags or secondary industries or investment preferences, but we’re getting there 🙂

The data visualization will help us gain better insights and perspective in finetuning our workflow overall.

Customer success team:

We recently assembled a customer success team to build relations with companies, angels and VC firms. This will help us to improve our data this quarter and request feedback from others.

We hope you all had a banging New Year celebration, and we are grateful for your early support!

Team Sphiros

As usual, if anything, please feel free to e-mail us at!

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