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We’re in the soft launch stage!

And here we are!

With a slight delay, we finally managed to open up Sphiros for our Super Early Birds!

We sent you the e-mail with details on how to log in to your account. If you have not received the details yet, please don’t panic 🙂 We are sending them out in batches.

We do want to share with you some important things and would like to point out that the platform is far from ready yet!
So please expect quite some missing information, or lack of data, and a lot of features that are in development.
We are presenting you the good, the bad and the better for the next quarters:

The bad

The current data is not complete. There is plenty missing. This ranges from categories, primary industries, secondary industries, descriptions, past deal history, and searchable tags.
The database today is a sample that serves as a benchmark and we continue to fill in the remaining data, manually and with our own technology that is currently in BETA testing.

So please, do not crucify us for an early-stage model that required a lot of trial and error and pivots 🙂

The good

Well, that’s simple: The platform is live and Super Early Birds have access and will slowly roll out to the public.

The better

Too much to mention! But here is the keynote of what’s brewing:

  • Team: We are deploying more people that are currently adding and vetting data. (manually) This is part of the process that helps us understand what we’re lacking and how we can go from manual implementation to constantly fresh updated data.
  • Data solutions and APIs: We are currently beta testing our own technology that allows us to build valuable structured web data solutions. In other words, we have the ability soon to add thousands of data in all industries and brackets that would have a constant refresh rate every 24 hours. Our solution will add continuous all sorts of data and update any significant changes made. (For example, a company that changes address, phone number or e-mail)
  • Social feeds: We are currently looking into a solution if we can add twitter or any other significant social feed in a profile. This can be a valuable insight for sales/investors/companies that are trying to determine if a the company or firm is actively engaged on the web.
  • Security: OTP password per e-mail. We are beta testing this feature as well
  • Tags: We are testing the ability to add tags on each profile, without disturbing the overview. The tags are meant to find data in our dashboard when using a standard search instead of a search filter. Pretty much important keywords related to their industry, niche or description that would create relevance. This is a feature that we feel is much needed, since industries or verticals often shift, are spelled differently, or would not clutter the screen real estate of a profile.
  • Better search and filters: This becomes an obvious integration post-adding tags to profiles. We can add better and more advanced filters


We took a slow start. Started with basic data. Been circling around a gazillion times but we are now ready to improve our current version with lots of elements that would not disrupt the core functions or cause distractions on our goals for the next 3 years.
We’re always open to suggestions and feedback!

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