Roadmap 2021-2022

Below is an indication of our roadmap. Details and specific features based on community feedback will be added as we grow. For more details about live updates and releases, please check our release notes.

March 2021

MVP Creation

May 2021

Basic Profiles

August 2021

Adding VC & Private Equity Data

November 2021

Launch Early Adopter

January 2022

Pitch Box Feature Beta Test

February 2022

Development AI & API feed

May 2022

BETA rollout Investor dashboard

September 2022

iOS Application

December 2022

Improvement framework

We Encourage Building in Public (BIP)

We value transparency. We believe building in public not only encourages us but is a crucial factor in today’s landscape. The process and the journey we share with the audience necessary pains and gains help us connect and align with you. We welcome any constructive feedback.

Release notes


Feel free to ask us anything on Twitter. @SphirosData

FAQ about our roadmap

Is your roadmap final?

Roadmaps are an indication of where we are heading. Like any product or business, sometimes a roadmap requires change and pivot.

However, you can consider our roadmap as a decent indicator and we do our best to respect our trajectory.

How do you aggregate data?

Over the last few years, we started aggregating data manually and sorted them in lists, until we decided it was time to build Sphiros.

All data is currently manually sourced and vetted by our team.

We do plan to build our own data feeds in the future after the launch of our MVP.

We also encourage customers to report any discrepancies in data so our verification team can adjust it as fast as possible

Who is your target group?

After validating and confirming with plenty of people, we can say that the following groups will benefit the most from Sphiros:

  • Start-ups
  • Scale-ups
  • Investors
  • Financial Advisors
  • Business consultants
  • VA’s
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Business development

What is Pitch Box?

  • Pitch Box will allow you to create cap tables, upload and save your deck, find guidelines on how to make proper pitches, cold e-mail practices, add your brand guidelines and other items so you have everything you need when pitching.
  • The Pitch Box will also have the option to show your progress to investors and firms using our platform. E.g: When you raised already a certain amount of money or if you like to share updates such as progress, release notes
  • This is ideal when VC or angels are following your start-up and it can be a convincing factor when they see progress on the fundraising side.

Will there be additional languages?

Yes! We plan on translating our website and dashboard in multiple languages.

Can I be a BETA tester?

BETA tester spots are reserved for the Super Early Birds and Early Birds that signed-up.

In case you did, you will receive invitations to BETA test functions.