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November 2022 Update

Dear Sphiros user,

we are getting closer to our actual launch and it’s still looking good!

As many of you already subscribed to our Super Early Bird deal, we’re working hard to launch the MVP as soon as possible. Which is still projected by the end of November/earliest December.

Exciting things ahead, and we love to share with you our current status and progress. Which can also be found on Trello right here https://trello.com/b/q6bQ9mv4/sphiros

The public roadmap displayed will be constantly updated so you might want to bookmark it 🙂


What we are currently working on:

Updating our first batch of ANGEL INVESTORS (USA) that consists of 4965 records. The data added if available are:

  • Name
  • E-mail
  • Phone Number
  • Country
  • Short description
  • City & State
  • Deal size
  • Industry preference
  • Location preference

Updating our first batch of VC FIRMS (Worldwide, but primarily USA) that consists of 4452 records.

The data includes (if any available):

  • Firm Name
  • E-mail
  • About/Description
  • Address
  • Country
  • Location Preferences
  • Industry Preferences
  • Average Deal Size
  • AUM
  • Stage Preferences

Once we finalize those basics, we tend to go live with the MVP.

Post-launch, we aim to

  • Add EU and Asian Angel Investors
  • Add/Update past deal history of VC firms
  • Add/Update past deal history of Angel Investors
  • Add/Update 10K+ Private companies worldwide
  • Add/Update 14K+ Start-Ups from the EU

We found a better way to add structured basic data in early-stage which will set the tone in our growth before developing our own AI and data tool to verify data at a much faster pace.


We are working on a better overview that displays more information in a limited space.

We are improving the past deal history (less space per line) but honestly, we are struggling a bit with the coloring and pairings, but that will be solved soon 🙂

Of course, this is only just a start. As the basic data has to be on point for us before growing and adding additional features. We decided to go with the principle to go niche and then expand later since we need community and user feedback on additional items such as Pitch Box or integrations with other platforms.

And a final note:

We received great feedback from early users and also a lot of criticism that we are just a ‘simple database’.

That might be true, but MVPs are not final products for most startups. These are usable concepts strapped with duct tape that is meant to build something better. Our 3-year roadmap consists of different items that would separate us from other similar platforms. And Sphiros today is founder-focused, and it will always be.
MVPs’ are a process, not a product. But because we received so much early support already, we are just setting our sights on building a better version every single day of the week, at any given time 🙂

Feel free to reach out at relations@sphiros.com for any inquiry!

PS: Follow us on Twitter @sphirosdata
We can use some support 🙂

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