Sphiros came to inception with a founders first principle.

The gap between investors and talent remains. Our platform accelerates your approach, helps you find alignments and pitch with meaning. Sphiros 

When did we start?

We started building (officially) Sphiros in January 2021 but aggregated data way before that. 

We also completely bootstrapped it, with no outside funding and scaled our team of 2, to almost 15 people right now.

Sphiros is more than just finding investors, it’s meant as a useful tool way past your successful raise.

How it started

The founder has vast experience in private placement, fundraising, and c-suite consulting for early-stage ventures. A process that was equally frustrating on both sides with a lot of drawbacks. Slow or little progress, unable to find proper alignments, and most companies today feel like they’re shooting darts in the dark.

12 years later after seeing no viable and affordable solution, he decided to pull the trigger and build the platform from scratch.